Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Prison Door Summary: This chapter is about the town and the prison that lay upon the soil. The black flower represents the prison. It also talks about the criminal and how nature takes pity on him. A woman named Anne Hutchson is put into Jail, I think. 1.

This is one of the most boring and hard to read chapters I ever read in my life. Chapter 2 The Market Place Summary: This chapter is about when Hester comes out and all the good wives ridicule her. She has a baby in her arms and a scarlet letter on her breast. They make here walk through the market place so everybody can see her. She is set upon the scaffold for 3 hours.

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The baby was 3 months old when she got out of jail. Hester Pryne is her name. She remembers back in England: her parents and a man she liked and is smart. He comes to the town and he looks mad. 2.

The women in the crowd are very cruel. Chapter 3 The Recognition Summary: This chapter is about the interrogation of Hester Pryne and how they are asking her whom she slept with. The preacher sort of tells here to confess who did it with her. They keep yelling at here and she never confesses. 5. I predict that the preacher guy is the man who had sex with Hester.

Chapter 4 The Interview Summary: This chapter is about how Hester goes back to jail and she starts to feel sick and here baby is sick to a physician is ordered to come. He gives the baby something and she says something like she wished it were poison. Hester’s husband comes to the jail and they start talking about what had happened. Her husband tries to find out who did it with her. He finds out that Roger Chillinsworth is her husband. ( He changed his name) 3.

Hester’s husband is smart and intelligent however he is an ugly hunchback. Chapter 5 Hester at her Needle Summary: Hester is released from prison. She has the option of going back to England but she chooses to stay because of the guy she had sex with is there. Nobody wants to hire her for a seamstress at her job. She helps the poor a lot and the others shun her. Then when she goes to church the sermon changes from something to the sins of adultery when they see Hester.

She is good at being a seamstress. The kids make fun of her. She goes to live out in the woods. 1. This was a better chapter than the first because it made more sense to me.

Chapter 6 Pearl Summary: This chapter is about Hester’s daughter Pearl. It talks about how the stress put on her mother was transferred to Pearl her daughter. There was a part were Pearl grabbed the scarlet letter and that somehow it meant something. Then Pearl and her mother have a weird argument where she says that she is not her daughter and they go back and forth about it. Pear also threw things at the letter. 1.

It was a strange chapter, with strange reactions to Pearl and other weird stuff. Chapter 7 Governor’s Hall Summary: This chapter is about going to the governor’s house. Her mother makes Pearl’s outfit and it is very luxurious with velvet and gold thread. Hester had somehow made the scarlet letter into Pearl’s outfit. Going to give some embroidered gloves to the governor. There are roomers in the government that the government is going to try to take away Pearl. They start teasing Pearl and she goes after them and yells at the. The suit of armor reflects the large A on the armor.

All the people see is the A. 2. I believe those Pearl acts very strange. Chapter 8 The Elf-Child and the Minister Summary: At the governor’s hall Dimesdale says where Pearl was from. He talks about how Hester was not worth being Pearls mother because she was too beautiful. Chillinsworht is advising Dimesdale. Pearl answers that she is a rose. They are shocked that she answers this.

Dimesdale is given a kiss by Hester and Pearl goes over to Dimesdale and he puts his hand on her head. Chillinsworth is getting uglier. They try to take her child. 1. I think that Dimesdale is the father. Chapter 9 The Leech Summary: Chillinsworth has become freinds with Dimesdale and his doctor.

Chillinsworth is very smart and has great medical knowledge. They are best friends. They have offices next to each other. Chillinsworth wants to get closer to Dimesdale so he can find out more about him because he has a suspicion that Dimesdale is the adulterer. Dimesdale is growing weaker and sicker. Chillinsworth is compared to the devil.

The graveyard things grow out of heart. 2. I think that Chillinsworth will find out who did it. Chapter 10 The Leech and his Patient Summary: In this chapter Chillinsworth keeps working away at Dimesdale. He keeps hinting at the adulteress claim. There is a part where they are talking about where did Chilligsworth got some weeds and he said on a graceless grave.

They were growing out of his heart. Pearl and Hester come along and while Dimesdale is looking out Pearl looks up strangely and throws a prickly thicket at the window where Dimesdale is. She says something about chasing the man in black. Also Chillinsworth finds out that Dimesdale is wearing a scarlet letter on his chest. 3.

I found them on a grave which bore no tombstone. Chillinsworth Chapter 11 The interior of a Heart Summary: In this chapter he is talking in his sermon about adultery and he hints that he is the adulterer. All they do is praise him and tell him he is the best. Dimesdale is trying to confess in someway. He had nightmares.

Fasting, He bears himself. 3. Dimesdale should just get it out and tell the truth. Chapter 12 The Minister’s Vigil Summary: In this chapter minister Dimesdale goes in the middle of the night to the scaffold. He yells out and opens his shirt so that the people will come out and he will be free from his sin. This part was a dream.

He sees Hester and Pearl while she is up on the scaffold. They come up with him. Pearl asks him if he will come up on the scaffold with them next day and he says no he will stand with them at the great maker or something. There is a comment that makes the letter A in the sky. Chillinsworth watches them up on the scaffold.

They blame the glove on the scaffold on the devil. 1. I think that Dimesdale is a coward. Chapter 13 Another View of Hester Summary: This chapter just talks about how the people treated Hester. She helps people and is very kind.

Some people think the A stands for able but others think very bad of it. She is thinking of telling Dimesdale who Chillinsworth is. 2. Why doesn’t she tell Chill …