More about Team has been providing dissertation articles, dissertation articles copy-writing, and ebook publishing and assignment help for students for over a year. Our passion and drive are to create a more educational online experience, not just for ourselves and our clients, but for everyone. We do this by providing well-researched content in our custom writing articles, eBooks, and other web content.

First Established in October of 2009 by Alim Al Razi Shaikat, quickly grew into a small team of writers which to help provide more marketable services. With a growing client list, it wasn’t much after June of this year that we needed to hire additional writers, editors, and proofreaders.

With two offices in two different countries, our services cross three languages (Although we only provide English articles at present) and a dozen time zones. We believe that diversity, dependability, and dedication are the keys to any successful business. After being around for more than a year we have been amazed as we watched our monthly sales increase and increase.

We believe that our success is a testimony to the truth of this statement.

As with any growing business, especially online ones, we have experienced our share of diverse clients, each with their own niche and industry. By working closely with hundreds of clients, our staff of writers has managed to improve their writing skills and knowledge base. Not to mention that with our success, we have access to some of the most effective writing tools available to date.

The quality provided in your project will ensure both fresh content and a unique product. This is important when it comes to writing online content, because it gives your website the appearance of a professional, well documented, and up to date source for your clients.

When you choose

– 100% Customer Satisfaction
Our Top priority is to satisfy our Client’s. We treat every project and contract, no matter how big or small, with the utmost care. We realize that our Clients are our most valued Asset!
– Commitment to YOUR deadlines
We Guarantee that we can meet your deadlines upon accepting a project. Deadlines are never flexible to us, and we understand that they are the bottom line for your business.
– Unique and Original Content
All of our provided content is unique, hand typed (no spinning software), and smooth flowing. All of our content will pass plagiarism checks.
– Qualified Native English Writing Team
Our Established team of writers are all Native English speakers. These talented and highly experienced writers provide grammar and spelling error free content, whether you decide to purchase Articles, eBooks, or any other web content.
– Professional Customer Service
We are available for more than sixteen hours out of the day, and upon accepting a client’s project, we find the difference in our time zones to optimize our availability.
– Ghostwriting Status on all Content
All Content provided by us is with the understanding of a Ghostwriter.
A Ghostwriter is someone who writes work for another party with the understanding that they have no right to ownership or authorship over the writing piece, and that upon completion of writing that the ownership and authorship is transferred to the other party.
– Professional Industry Standards
We strive to meet and beat your expectations, and in doing so, we are leaving our competition behind. Our work ethic is unparalleled, and we would love the opportunity to prove it to you.
– Secure and Hassle Free Payments
We are a Moneybookers affiliate, so you can rest assured that a multi-million dollar e-commerce company has not only researched us but has also approved our company. Shop with ease and peace of mind while knowing that we are a trusted source of content.
– Confidentiality will never compromise our client’s information, in any way, shape, or form. We will never compromise your identification or billing information, it is simply unethical and makes for bad business.
– Projects of all Size Welcome!
No project is too small or too big for our established team of writers! Regardless of the size of your order, it will be treated with the same level of care as any other project of ours.
– Expertise in All Fields and Industry
Our team of writers here at have written tens of thousands of articles on virtually every niche available. From Internet Writing to breaking news, to new products, can offer you content that is well researched, no matter what industry your business is in.

We will, of course, go over these keywords and phrases with you, to make sure you are getting the correct exposure for your business needs.

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